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Online Adoption Questionnaire and Application

Wings Over Williamsport Pet Bird Society & Rescue Program Avian Adoption Questionnaire

Filling out this form does not guarantee that the bird or parrot [s] will be placed in your home.

The bird or parrot to be adopted________________________________________________________

1] Your full name, address, phone# and email.______________________________________________



2] Do you rent or own your home?________________________

If you rent your home your landlord will have to sign a form verifying that you are permitted to have this pet in your home.

3] Any smokers in your home?________

4] List all other pets that you currently have.___________________________________________________


5] Who will be the primary caretaker?________________________________________________________

6] If you have pet birds now describe a normal daily routine with your pet._____________________________




Use additional space as needed

7] Are you willing to allow someone from our rescue program visit your home?__________________

8] Are you willing to become a member of, and participate with Wings Over Williamsport Pet Bird Society?_____

This would require that you attend at least six monthly meetings over a period of a year.

9] Are you willing to allow people involved with the rescue program to work with you over a period of time while your new pet is adjusting to your home?________________________

Signature and Date:___________________________________________________________________

Our re-homing fee includes a membership for one year.

Contact us for an address where you can send your application.