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You can copy and paste this[below this line] into you own document files, fill it out and send it to us.



Wings Over Williamsport Pet Bird Society & Rescue Program Avian Adoption Questionnaire and Application.

[There is also an adoption contract that must be filled out when adopting] All fields must be complete.

Filling out this form does not guarantee that the bird or parrot [s] will be placed in your home. Our priority is to place the bird or parrot in a home situation that is best for them and we take every step possible to ensure this.

Home visits are required both before and after the bird is place.

The bird or parrot that you are interested in adopting________________________________________________________________

1] Your full name, address, phone# and email. [must live within a reasonable distance for home inspection and visits.] _______________________________________________________________________



2] Do you rent or own your home?___________ House, Duplex, Apartment [circle one]

If you rent your home your landlord will have to sign a form verifying that you are permitted to have this pet in your home.

3] Do you see any foreseeable changes in your living situation any time in the future. [Are there plans to move?]

4] How close are your nearest neighbors?____________________________________________

5] Will noise be a factor with your neighbors?__________ Birds, both small and large, are loud.

6] What kind of experience do you have with pet birds either small or large. [explain]______________



7] Any smokers in your home?________ Are there smokers who smoke outside the home?_________

8] List all other pets that you currently have. ___________________________________________________________________


9] Who will be the primary caretaker?______________________________________

10] If you have pet birds now describe a normal daily routine with your pet. ________________________________________________________________________




Use additional space or paper as needed

11] Are you willing to allow someone from our rescue program to visit your home? ______

12] Are you willing to become a member of, and participate with Wings Over Williamsport Pet Bird Society? ______

This would require that you attend at least six monthly meetings over a period of a year..

13 ] Are you willing to allow people involved with the rescue program to work with you over a period of time while your new pet is adjusting to your home? ______________ [In the adoption contract you will agree to return the bird or parrot to us if at any time will feel that the bird or parrot in not doing well with you or is in jeporardy. We do not want to see this situation to occur, but must have you agree to this for the sake of the bird and our rescue program]

14] What do you understand about toxins in the home that might harm avian pets? ________________



15] Do you understand that some parrots can live as long as humans?________

16] What are your views on behaviors issues such as biting or screaming and how would you handle this?




17] Is there anyone in your home that is not agreeable to adopting this bird?_____________________

If yes, explain why._______________________________________________________________

18] If you have children, please list their ages.___________________________________________

19] Please attach a neatly written or type written page explaining why you want to adopt this particular bird or parrot

20] By signing this application I am acknowledging that all of my answers are truthful: and I agree that if I am able to adopt the above listed bird or parrot [s] that in the event that I am no longer able to care for him or her, he/she is to be returned to Wings Over Williamsport Pet Bird Society & Rescue Program as long as they are in existence.

Signature and Date:___________________________________________________________________

Our re-homing fee includes a membership for one year.

Contact us for an address where you can send your application.