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We are Wings Over Williamsport Pet Bird Society & Rescue Program


On the evening of Nov. 04, 2010, the Lycoming County PA SPCA seized 13 birds from a parakeet to macaws, from a woman in Fairfield Township, who investigators have said were not taken care of in months. Looking at the pictures, it is impossible for me to even speculate how long it had been since the cages had been cleaned. And, they were being fed such things as wild bird seed.

The Lycoming County SPCA has been very willing to accept advice and help from WOWPBS. They have been very gracious and have followed through with some of our tips for taking care of these birds.

On Monday - the 8th donations of money and birdie food was dropped off by WOWPBS members and at the time the vet was there tending to their needs. One African Grey's toenails were so overgrown that they curled into her feet. These birds will likely be in quarantine for awhile.

The birds are as follows:

1 Scarlet Macaw, 1 Military Macaw, 2 Congo Greys, 1 Umbrella Cockatoo, 1 Sun Conure, 4 Lovebirds , 2 Cockatiels, 1 Budgies. These guys are seriously stressed and some had originally been in loving and responsible homes, but had to be re-homed due to legitimate circumstances. They went from being loved to being neglected terribly.

They need food supplies, especially food, cash, toys, treats. Any donations can go directly to:

The Lycoming County SPCA

2805 Reach Road, Williamsport, PA 17701

Phone: ( 570) 322-4646

Do not bombard the SPCA with phones calls and questions, or to simply ask how the birds are doing. They have been swamped with these calls. Be helpful! If you go in, don't go empty handed.

Please mention that you heard about this need through our group so that we can continue to have a good relationship with the SPCA.

These birds will be up for adoption, but please don't try to adopt unless you are experienced with larger parrots. They have been through a lot and they don't need another stop in the road. They need a permanent place to be and a soft place to land.