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Wings Over Williamsport Pet Bird Society

Rescue Program


Part of our group activities is a rescue program for exotic pet bird owners and birds in crisis.

We do not have a facility, but we do have monitored program and foster homes along with a network of resources.

Our Goals, as an Avian Pet Rescue, is to educate the public, to offer resources and guidance, and to provide temporary care - leading to permanent care for the abused, abandoned, homeless, and birds and parrots that simply need to be re-homed due to life circumstances. They are well cared for, homes are screened, and we strive to work closely with other rescue organizations to find homes for any bird in need.

Foster homes are required to be available for any training offered by Wings Over Williamsport Pet Bird Society, and they are supervised while they have a "foster" bird under their care, especially the larger more complex parrots.

Foster homes/people are not to engage in rogue activity using the name of our program while doing so.

While there are many wonderful people doing legitimate rescue work, there are also a few unscrupulous people as well. We are made up of volunteers, coordinators, and general members; and any other person, firm, or corporation representing themselves Wings Over Williamsport Pet Bird Society & Rescue Program who are unwilling, or neglect, to give our information [website, email, literature, etc.] and general contact information [names and phone numbers], which always includes more than one person, they are not legitimately representing Wings Over Williamsport Pet Bird Society Rescue.

When there is a bird in need, the information goes out to all members, and a course of action is planned between a couple of people with input being solicited from all members. There are phone calls going back and forth and lines of communication are opened amongst members. Our first step is to see if there is some way we can facilitate a means so that the person can keep their bird. If their situation is temporary, this can happen. In a situation where the bird is well cared for, staying with it's owner is always best. If that can't happen, the next step is to see which of our foster homes is available and capable of taking in that particular bird. Other rescues may be called in if we have no one available. Many of our re-homing efforts and involvement, thus far, have been about putting people in touch with other people/organizations and we never actually see the bird. This is part of our service, but it is not part of our rescue program.

If the bird actually comes into our rescue/foster program, they remain with us for at least 30 days for quarantine and evaluation before moving on to the next step - which is seeking a permanent home for this pet. There is no fee for the person surrendering their bird. Adoptive homes have a process they must go through. There is a modest re-homing fee for the person adopting the bird and that person must have a current membership with our group. That person must be available for any training we have to offer and must attend the majority of our meetings. We do not buy your bird/parrot and we will tell you that up front .We will also not try to persuade or coerce you to hand over your pet if you really feel you must get some monetary compensation.

At times , the person needing to re-home their bird may be put in contact with someone who is looking for that particular type of bird and they work out the details together. In this case, too, our rescue program is not involved.

All of our members represent our group and rescue program and this is how word gets out and contact with the general public is made. All members can work out their own details with anyone concerning their bird and can offer to take that bird in and are encouraged to do so. However , this is not to be mistaken as being part of our rescue program. If someone comes to you and is not forthcoming with our literature, information, and contact numbers, nor do they have you sign our group's surrender form, you can assume that this is not part of our rescue program. The surrender form is a type written form that is used in every case and kept on file. It is not a form that is hand written or typed up by an individual member or person.