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Avian Foster/Adoptive Home Program


At this time, Wings Over Williamsport Pet Bird Society does not have a specific rescue facility, but we do have a rescue program consisting of foster and adoptive homes that are strickly monitored.

We are a small, non-profit group dedicated to the welfare of avian pets and Psittaciformes in the wild; and to responsible bird ownership through education and example. Our members includes people who share their homes with one or multiple birds, as well as responsible breeders. Our members may also be people who simply have an interest in the world of those fascinating parrots, and those who hope to have an avian friend one day.

We support rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing efforts; shelters, and conservation projects.

Due to the special needs of a re-homed parrot or smaller bird, certain criteria must be met for a foster home to exist. Re-homed parrots often come with a lot of "baggage." Regardless of how this bird was cared for, a certain bond has been established with their owner and breaking that bond causes stress to one degree or another. In the event that the bird was not properly cared for, either through neglect or abuse , or well-meaning ignorance, that bird might take an extended time to respond to positive stimuli.

Listed are necessary criteria for foster homes:

In addition to the above criteria, foster and adoptive homes must be willing to subject themselves to any evaluation and training that the group might offer, and must agree that if they are no longer able to keep the bird, he or she will be returned to the group for placement.

Becoming a foster or adoptive home does not mean you are getting a bird for free. A foster and adoptive home becomes a part of a network of people that are looking out for the well-being of the bird in question. All birds and parrots are placed in a foster home until it is evaluated and considered adoptable. This might mean a month, or is might mean years.
The minimum time a bird spends in foster care is 30 days. This allows for a quarantine period as well as behavioral evaluation. There is no exception to this process.

Adoption: We do have a fee for each bird that is determined by species.
We do not offer to buy birds from people wanting to place their parrot or bird into our adoption program.

Who can not be a foster home?


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