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Join Us

If you love parrots and birds and are concerned about their well being, both in the home and in the wild, and are eager to learn all you can, that is really all that is needed to join us.

We do ask that members conduct themselves courteously and we will use the cyberspace term of " no flaming," which means state your opinion, but do not be extreme or abusive.

* Be willing to accept and give helpful advice graciously.

* Offer your time when we begin to grow.

* Consider the true well-being of your avian pet at all times.

* Spread the word about us.

If you have looked through our site and feel you would like to join, simply contact us and we will put you on our informal list and contact you when we are having a get-together or event.


As of January 2008, there will be an anual membership fee that will benefit Wings Over Williamsport.