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Wings Over Williamsport Pet Bird Society


Rescue Program


Our monthly meetings take place the last Sunday of each month unless it falls near a holiday and will then be scheduled accordingly. Currently looking for a new meeting place, but we meet @ 2:30pm. Contact us for location.

January -31st

Our first meeting of the new year will kick off with the presentation of the new parrot trust form for all members to make suggestions.There will be a sample of our new Birdie Recipe Booklet that we can pass out [sell] individually or at events.

Topic/ Preparing for the unexpected

February- 28th

Toy R US

How to prepare and make toys, perches, and play gyms for your bird or parrot

What natural wood [and other materials] is safe and not safe and how to prepare it for use.


Nutrition For Your Feathered Pet

Diet needs vary between species so it is important to know what your bird needs.

What's safe & what's not



You & Your FIDS

[feathered kids]

Handling, training, and understanding what your bird is telling you.

And, don't send your bird the wrong message! How birds interpret your behavior.

May- 23rd

to accommodate the up-coming HolidayWeekend

Trouble shooting

Questions & Answers

This meeting will be an open question and answer session.

Choosing an Avian vet and getting accurate information.



Though we have suspended our meetings for the Summer months in the past two years, it is our goal to hold our meetings right through the Summer this year!Summer Safety & Vacationing

Pet Expo @ Indian Park/June 6th noon to4pm

We'll be there!



Finches, doves, and other non-hookbilled birds.

Smaller birds such as finches and doves can be just as fascinating as the hookbilled birds and parrots.

They are a special little bird that can bring a lot of fun to a home.

So don't overlook them when you are looking for a birdie companion.


Adding a new feathered pet to you family.

  • Adopting an older bird and what to expect.

  • Adding a baby bird and what to expect.

  • What to expect in the first year.

  • What bird is right for you?


Facts VS. Myth

Come with questions and we will, hopefully, have a couple of people on hand to answer questions.




We will have someone from the local Audubon Society speaking to us about birds that are indigenous to our area, backyard bird watching, feeding stations, and habitat.


to accommodate the up-coming HolidayWeekend

Winter & Holiday Care

  • Keeping your bird healthy during the heating season.

  • How cold can it get?

  • The flu & cold season and your bird.


to accommodate the up-coming HolidayWeekend

Combined meeting & Christmas party


January 30th 2011