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Who Are We?

We are a new, "hatchling" group dedicated to the welfare of avian pets and Psittaciformes in the wild; and to responsible bird ownership through education and example.

From Finches to Macaws

Our members include people who share their home with one or multiple birds, as well as responsible breeders. Our members may also be people who simply have an interest in the world of those fascinating birds, and those who hope to have an feathered friend one day

In January of 2008, the newly formed Wings Over Williamsport Pet Bird Society took flight with our first open meeting. It was a tremendous success. We had many enthusiastic members join and have had new members and interest each month since then. By March 2008 we had to move into a larger, temporary meeting place as our group grew.

We do not have a rescue facility, but we do have a foster and adoptive home program for parrots and birds in need. We have fined-tuned rigid criteria for fostering and adoptive homes. We support rescue, rehabilitation, re-homing efforts, shelters, and conservation projects.

Resources & Education

Before you buy a pet bird, contact us and we may be able to put you in touch with a reputable breeder. At the very least, we can offer assistance and knowledgeable advice that other sources might not have. A pet bird is not like having a dog or cat. Their needs are very different If you already have a pet bird, please think about joining us.

Annual membership fee. These fees go directly into the group's treasury and are pro-rated per quarter for members joining later in the year. $24.00 /YRLY per member, $30.00/YRLY per household Membership fees are due at the first of the year, or when enrolling. This fee can be paid in installments and is pro -rated quarterly.

Our Email

Upcoming Events

We are gearing up for 2009, and looking forward to a progressive year for our group. We currently gather at a temporary meeting place in Wmspt. This is subject to change as we are looking for a larger, more permanent facility. Call us for location.

Meetings and other activities:

Feb 01, 2009 Our first official meeting for 2009 was a "meeting of the minds" where all members were encouraged to offer their input We also introduced our new treasurer!\

Feb 9th & 19th- Foster Care Workshop for those wanting to be a foster home for birds and parrots in need. W.O.W. certification

March 01, 2009- Membership Drive Month

March 29, 2009 - Bring a friend, win a gift for your feathered friend. Hope to see you there!

April 26, 2009 Plucking. Why parrots pluck and what their owners can do for them.

May 24, 2009 Due to the Memorial Day holiday, we will be meeting a week early. Topic to be announced

Look For Us

Be sure to look for us at different pet fairs and other events through the warmer months. If you know of an event that you think we would like to be participate in, be sure to contact us.

Resources for pet supplies:

For the Williamsport area, KNITTLE & FRY have a large selection of exotic bird food located on Lycoming Creek Rd. and can order what you need!

THE PET PLATOON -another of our bird food suppliers that has a large selection

Located on RT 15 in Lewisburg PA

Our online website, newsletter, and group list can be found at
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